The economic area in a nutshell

Situated in Southern Finland, close to the Helsinki metropolitan area, our economic area comprises the City of Hyvinkää, the City of Riihimäki, and the municipalities of Hausjärvi and Loppi. Our area and its sphere of influence are home to altogether 120,000 residents and 5,600 corporate and business locations. Our location in Finland’s growth corridor, with its excellent transport and travel links, is ideal for the smooth flow of people, goods and services.

Our area is characterised by its diversity of industries, and is particularly well-known as a base for the technology industry. Renowned export companies create employment here, foster success and generate new business. Our strength lies in our mastery of the Internet of Things (IoT). In our area, we value entrepreneurship and promote the development of new business – our business services produce results! Two Universities of Applied Sciences and a Vocational Institute ensure a future supply of skilled labour.

Our everyday life runs smoothly and our services work well. Our area offers splendid leisuretime opportunities, including a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to suit any taste. The surrounding countryside is unsurpassed in beauty and diversity, offering a mix of water areas, untamed wilderness and ridgeland forest.

We aim to create new contacts and we build a network of cooperation. We believe that by acting together and working with each other we will achieve more. Our area has the will and the courage to build a bright future – one that we will build together.


Collaborating with companies

Hyvinkää’s outstanding transport links form one of the city’s strengths, which have attracted new companies and new residents to the city throughout its history. Or pool of companies has grown into a diversified network with a critical mass that attracts new expertise, new companies and new sectors. Hyvinkää is a host city for numerous internationally renowned companies. Two well-known Hyvinkää-based companies in the technology industry, for instance, are Kone Corporation and Konecranes plc.

The city of Hyvinkää has adopted a strong role as a promoter of business. This is seen in the city’s active and flexible zoning – favouring new business activity, new companies, job creation and population growth.

Hyvinkää is being developed in a way that makes everyday life smoother and city life more pleasant for its residents. The city has attractive and safe residential areas that suit differing needs, with plenty of opportunities for hobbies, sports and leisure activities as well as a rich cultural scene. Hyvinkää is becoming one of Finland’s more famous cities for events, festivals and the good things in life.

In Hyvinkää we play alongside companies.

Photo: Club night at the Red Carpet film festival at Villatehdas (The Wool Factory), Hyvinkää. Photographer: Henni Hyvärinen

For more information, please contact:
Annukka Lehtonen, Business Director
+358 50 592 2768, annukka.lehtonen(at)


Where the business community meets experts

Riihimäki’s strength lies in its location. The railway plays an important role in the city’s life as it was born at a rail junction. All important services are within a radius of 5 kilometres from the railway station, while almost 90% of the city’s residents live within 3 kilometres of it. The compact nature of the city means a small carbon footprint.

Riihimäki is known as a fresh and open-minded home city to companies, culture and technology, with a strong emphasis on specialised training in robotics and theatre. Riihimäki wants to build a city that develops a framework for the success of companies and educational institutions, and proactively attracts more companies.

Riihimäki has attracted a very strong recycling cluster, concentrated around Fortum Corporation. Nowadays an industrial company is increasingly able to fully recycle wastes. Riihimäki’s business-friendly approach is reflected in the city’s ability to make fast and flexible decisions as well as in the availability of plots of land and office premises.

Riihimäki has an extremely diversified business structure, encompassing companies in the hi-tech, ICT & environment, metal, foodstuffs and sawmill sectors.

Photo: Bold bearer of messages – Rico the robot, Riihimäki

For more information, please contact:
Mika Herpiö, Director, Business development
+358 40 500 3345, mika.herpio(at)


A lively and dynamic municipality

Hausjärvi is a municipality that attracts companies and new residents. Easy availability of plots of land for building and development combined with four lively population centres make Hausjärvi a safe place to live and work, surrounded by countryside. Hausjärvi’s easy accessibility makes it an ideal location in terms of business and employment.

Industrial Park 54, for example, offers excellent business opportunities on main road 54. Situated just 45 kilometres from Lahti, beside the Helsinki–Tampere motorway, the park is an ideal location for your company. The Industrial Park is zoned for business plots, totalling 13.4 hectares in area with a permitted building floor area of almost 65,000 floor square metres.

Another industrial estate is located in Hausjärvi, some 5 minutes from the motorway, in Ryttylä. Industrial Park Kauppakuja Ryttylä is also close to the Helsinki–Tampere motorway, offering a logistically central operating location for your company. There are nine plots in the estate totalling over 5 hectares in area, with over 20,000 floor square metres of permitted building floor area.

The municipality’s business-friendly attitude is translated into rapid and flexible decision-making – plus a wide offering of development plots. Hausjärvi offers your company all the ingredients for success in Finland’s growth corridor.

Photo: Mommilanjärvi rowing event, Hausjärvi

For more information, please contact:
Pekka Määttänen, Municipal Manager
+358 40 7676488, pekka.maattanen(at)


We promote diversified private enterprise

We procure land with a view to future requirements, we predict future needs, we proactively plan land use and we develop a solid framework for business activities (for instance, the Silmänkanto industrial estate). Our expertise and networks support the local business community’s projects (e.g. the Räyskälä AirPark project). We address the business community’s needs in planning the services we provide. We encourage and support both the existing and new businesses in our municipality to develop their business operations, while also promoting the sustainable commercialisation of natural products.

Photo: Räyskälä Aerospace Center, Loppi. Photographer: Kare Asp

For more information, please contact:
Mikko Salmela, Municipal Manager
+358 19 758 6001, mikko.salmela(at)

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