#1 — We master the Internet of Things

World-class lifting and moving expertise concentrated in the Hyvinkää–Riihimäki economic area.

The region’s specialised know-how is centered in enterprises focused on the handling, lifting and moving of materials and people. The ‘KONE hill’ in Hyvinkää is a hub where some 3,000 experts, designers and product developers work in KONE Corporation, Konecranes plc, and a network of other engineering and design offices.

This techno-industrial complex supplements the area’s innovative start-ups, for example IoT-startup Small Data Garden and other cutting-edge companies. Supporting this network is a range of multi-disciplinary educational facilities. New solutions for companies are also independently developed and tested in cooperation with municipal and other public-sector players, while simultaneously utilising links to international networks.

Thanks to the region’s unique cooperation network and top-level resources, our product development is cutting-edge. We foster world-class innovation and we can proudly state that “We master the Internet of Things”.

Photo: Kone Corporation

#2 — We have great domestic and international transport links

Since we are situated close to Helsinki, Finland’s capital city, the country’s main transport arteries run through our area. These give us easy access to harbours, airports and – ultimately – to markets.

The Hyvinkää–Riihimäki economic area lies in close proximity to the metropolitan area, but just far enough away from the city’s rush and congestion. The area offers affordable homes and a business-friendly environment, all within Finland’s only true growth corridor. As a logistics base, it is second-to-none. The E12 motorway, main railway lines, main roads 25 and 54 all run through the area. Helsinki–Vantaa international airport is only a 40-minute car ride away, and the most important export harbours are within easy reach. Developments in rail links to China enable the swift intercontinental transport of goods.

All of our area’s municipalities are prepared for growth and for meeting the growing demand for commercial plots along the transport arteries. Hyvinkää is promoting growth along the commercially attractive Ring Road V, and Riihimäki along the main road 3/E12 motorway. The municipalities of Hausjärvi and Loppi supplement the offering of building sites in the vicinity of main road 54.

Good rail links ensure easy commuting – and, of course, the area’s telecommunications are first rate.

#3 — Our companies are riding a wave

Our area’s international companies are thriving. This success reinforces our concentration of specialised know-how and underpins the area’s diversified structure of private enterprise, employment and workforce commitment.

The driving force behind the Hyvinkää–Riihimäki economic area’s growth is its diversified base of business operations. The area hosts a cluster of industry leaders, and this in turn attracts new expertise and commercial activities. Many of these companies are prominent in Finland’s export markets and rank highly in the country’s GDP statistics. The most well-known industrial companies include KONE Corporation, Konecranes Plc, Reka Kaapeli Ltd, Fortum Waste Solutions Ltd, Kumera Ltd, Valio Ltd and Sako Ltd. There are approximately 5,600 places of business in the economic area.

Aga LtdAhlsell LtdAlteams LtdALTEN FinlandBeckhoff Automation LtdBroman Group LtdCGI Suomi LtdDelfort (Tervakoski Ltd) • Elfving Opasteet Ltd • Etteplan Design Center LtdFescon LtdFortum Waste Solutions LtdGraham Packaging Company LtdHankkija Ltd • HF-Autohuolto Ltd • HR-Palvelut Ltd • HTM Yhtiöt LtdHyvinkään Tieluiska LtdJoutsen Finland Ltd • Kallioinen Yhtiöt Ltd • Kiertokapula Ltd • Kirjavälitys LtdKONE CorporationKonecranes Plc • Kuljetus ja maansiirto Viita Ltd • Kuljetusliike Armas Kaajaluoma Ltd • Kumera LtdLaatukoru LtdLundia LtdMetsi LtdMillog LtdMyllyn Paras LtdNOTE Hyvinkää LtdOitti Tools LtdOnninen LtdPERI Suomi LtdPivatic LtdPremix LtdReka Kaapeli LtdRexel Finland Ltd • RTA-yhtiöt Ltd • RTV-Yhtymä Ltd • Sacotec Components LtdSaint-Gobain Finland LtdSako LtdSinituote Ltd • SKS Connecto Ltd • Suomen Kerta Ltd – Havin kynttilätehdasTibnor LtdTilipalvelu Rantalainen LtdValio LtdVentoniemi LtdVersowood LtdWürth Ltd

Photo: Konecranes Plc

#4 — We train professionals to meet business needs

Our area’s two Universities of Applied Science and one Vocational Institute produce a supply of experts and an educated workforce.

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) trains new, capable engineers for our technology industry. HAMK carries out applied research and development projects in cooperation with businesses and organisations. HAMK’s quality assurance system was the first to win the highest possible award for a higher education institute in Finland.

Central to the learning process of Laurea University of Applied Sciences is its focus on the genuine, real-life requirements of the commercial sector in the form of applied projects and development tasks. Laurea’s Hyvinkää campus has created an innovative learning environment, including its simulated hospital, while P2P (Peer to Peer) is a modern and international learning environment for business studies. In the InnoVilla learning and development environment for enhancing entrepreneurial skills, a business idea or an existing company can be developed in collaboration with a multidisciplinary network of experts.

Hyria Education provides vocational training to both private and corporate customers, offering a wide range of qualifications in a variety of fields. A varied selection of shorter training courses is also offered. Close cooperation with local enterprises ensures that training is both practical and diversified. Every year, thousands of students and numerous organisations benefit from Hyria’s comprehensive training and education by developing their own professional skills. Hyria produces a highly competent labour force to meet the needs of the modern working environment.

Photo: Hyvinkää campus, simulated hospital, Laurea

#5 — We are at the heart of development

We live and operate in close proximity to the Helsinki metropolitan area, along Finland’s arterial transport routes and in its dynamic corridor of growth.

The Hyvinkää–Riihimäki economic area is located in Finland’s growth corridor – the heart of the country’s economic growth and competitiveness. Within this growth corridor lies 50% of Finland’s jobs and the area generates 50% of Finland’s corporate net sales. The growth corridor comprises an urbanised swathe emanating from the metropolitan area, along which it is easy to travel and it is also a fine place to live.

Plans for land usage include city and municipal development, as well as harmonising transport links. The main railway line will open up new residential areas and attractive commercial development sites. A growing area builds and invests; businesses expand and construct new premises.

Increased demand opens up new, attractive construction locations. In Hyvinkää, construction has begun on developing the Hangonsilta district and planning for the Sveitsi residential development is underway. In Riihimäki, the town centre is being consolidated and developed to welcome new residents. Purchasing power is on the rise and the overall mood is positive.

Photo: Artist's impression of the new Sveitsi residential development in Hyvinkää, Architects Anttila & Rusanen Ltd

#6 — We have all the ingredients for a good life

Beautiful nature, a myriad of leisuretime activities and attractive living solutions all enhance the quality of our lives.

The area offers the ease and convenience of city living, but at the same time allows people to realise their dream of owning a house with a large garden in beautiful surroundings – with easy access to superb road and rail links. The economic area encompasses hundreds of lakes and ponds, plus natural parks and wilderness areas of striking beauty. The area is also home to noteworthy museums and offers many interesting leisuretime activities for all ages – from toddlers to grandparents. Loppi is famous for its nature-related activities and services, and Riihimäki for its national museums. Hausjärvi’s cultural events are always a cause of celebration and delight. Hyvinkää rounds off the offering with a first-rate golf course and outstanding tourist services. Tourism and conference facilities, plus related services, raise the area’s appeal to a completely new level. In Hyvinkää, the new Sveitsi entertainment and tourism centre has just opened beside Sveitsi natural park. Another new addition to Hyvinkää is the Red Carpet film festival, bringing with it atmosphere and extra appeal. Riihimäki is well-known for its Summer Concerts and its International Sportsmen’s Fair. Daily life is made that bit easier by an abundance of commercial services and shopping centres. The Willa shopping centre in Hyvinkää is one of the largest in Finland.

Plans for land usage include city and municipal development, as well as harmonising transport links. The main railway line will open up new residential areas and attractive commercial development sites.

Photo: Kytäjä Golf Ltd

#7 — Our dynamic business network gets things moving

Our economic area is just the right size. It allows companies to develop those all-important contacts. We, as businesses, support each other in many ways. We give tips and advice, we give a helping hand, and we support growth.

Our business network possesses a wealth of skills and experience. Through this network we distribute information, train and educate, and make an impact on matters important to businesses. We build bridges enabling commercial cooperation and promote the creation of new contacts. Member companies of the Riihimäki–Hyvinkää Chamber of Commerce support corporate development in many ways. Our dynamic business network gets things moving – and makes things happen.

First Round Ltd is a member of the Chamber of Commerce network. It gives startups a jump start and assists with all issues associated with financing growth. First Round also provides services to larger companies in cooperation with startups, and commissioning services for the Internet of Things (IoT). Showroom, in cooperation with artist Rauli Märd, provides the perfect framework for demonstrating the use of new technologies.

Judged by any yardstick, the economic area’s recent history is one of strong growth. Such growth is nurtured by the proximity and by the ongoing development of the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Photo: Future seminar, Riihimäki–Hyvinkää Chamber of Commerce

#8 — We have R&D and business services
– they are effective and they work

The research and development services of our Universities of Applied Science are a valuable resource for businesses, especially when supplemented by our own business development services.

Technology Center TechVilla Ltd creates new expertise and knowledge, both of which are of immediate use to its customers. TechVilla’s customers include growth companies in the technology industry, logistic centre players and other industry experts.

Watch a video of our medium-sized companies’ smart specialisation in global markets: Helsinki Smart Region

HAMK conducts applied research commissioned by businesses to meet the needs of actual working environments. Some 200 people in over 20 teams are involved in full-time or part-time research and development work. In Riihimäki, the research work for technology-centered companies is focused mainly on materials technology, utilisation of 3D technology, robotics, logistics and smart traffic, industrial lifecycle services, and digital solutions (including IoT). Dozens of projects are carried out annually in cooperation with businesses.

Laurea’s practical R&D functions are directed towards strategic research areas. They are mainly based on the future needs and established expertise in social wellbeing and healthcare, service industries and the security sector.

Based in Riihimäki, Tilat ja Kehitys is a business and development company offering business premises by providing both financing and construction services. YritysVoimala serves the area’s businesses in many different ways, providing assistance to both existing companies and startups.

Photo: Riihimäki campus, HAMK

#9 — We are well known for being business friendly

The municipalities in the area are well aware of the importance of business activities and their impact on the area’s development. This is reflected in municipal zoning activities and supportive commercial policies.

The economic area strongly believes in the future, as evidenced by many large municipal investment projects. Municipalities continue to develop infrastructure, which in turn fosters corporate growth and expansion. Some prime examples are the €60 million Hyvinkää hospital expansion, and Valio Ltd €170 million investment in a new production and logistics centre in Riihimäki.

In addition to these, there are numerous residential housing projects and large-scale business premises under construction by private sector companies. Also underway is the preparation and planning for the Sveitsi area residential development in Hyvinkää, and in Riihimäki residential construction continues in the vicinity of the railway station. Hyvinkää’s SuperPark Sveitsi, including Hotel Sveitsi, Cineplex and adventure park services, further enhances the area’s appeal.

Photo: Valio’s new snack factory in Riihimäki, Valio Ltd

#10 — Our public services are modern

In our area, everyday life runs smoothly and services work. Here, your child can start school in English, while teaching robotics is already a reality in the area.

The Hyvinkää–Riihimäki economic area offers it all; proximity to the Helsinki metropolitan area, good industrial estates located at key transport nodes, a peaceful and safe living environment, good early-childhood education, and further study opportunities. The area also offers a wealth of cultural and leisure activities.

The Finnish education system is the best in the world. In Hyvinkää, it is possible to complete basic education in English or in Swedish.

The Hyvinkää–Riihimäki area is home to three national museums: The Finnish Railway Museum, The Finnish Glass Museum and The Hunting Museum of Finland. These are supplemented by a host of others, including the Hyvinkää and Riihimäki art museums. The Villa Arttu cultural centre in Hyvinkää offers tuition in art and culture to children and young people.

Other venues offering cultural experiences include Riihimäki’s theatre, voted theatre of the year, and the Hyvinkääsali cultural and concert centre. Summer brings with it many interesting cultural events and festivals, such as the Riihimäki Summer Concerts, the Red Carpet film festival in Hyvinkää, and the ever-popular summer theatres in Hausjärvi and Loppi.

The Hyvinkää–Riihimäki area provides an array of superb sports opportunities, from football to ice-swimming, and from mountain-biking to flying. Our excellent nature trails give unparalleled possibilities for exploring the surrounding forests and countryside.

The new Hyvinkää hospital, Arkkitehtistudio Kujala & Kolehmainen Ltd
New day-care centre on Kenttäkatu street, City of Hyvinkää
Manufacture of art glassware at Riihimäki, Mafka & Alakoski glass studio
Riihimäki Theatre performance, photo by Jukka Salminen
Winter sports, City of Hyvinkää
Kytäjä–Usmi hiking area, City of Hyvinkää
Villa Arttu Cultural Centre for Children and Young People in Hyvinkää
Housing Fair residential area, City of Hyvinkää