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Offices, premises and land in the economic area

The Hyvinkää–Riihimäki Business Premises Register collates all the information about property available in the economic area, including commercial, office, production and storage premises.

Search for available commercial plots and planned industrial parks on the website of each municipality.

Training and workforce in the economic area

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAML) offers education and training in six fields of study and has strong links to business and industry. We can therefore offer our Finnish and foreign students authentic learning environments and assignments for the benefit of both the students and enterprises.

We carry out customer-oriented applied research and development projects in collaboration with companies and organisations. We aim to develop and provide the business community and the public sector with broad-based and valuable knowledge and knowhow.

HAMK is an important element in the regional development strategy as a provider of knowhow, a producer of innovation and a promoter of business enterprise.

The quality systems of Finnish higher education institutions are audited systematically by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre. HAMK was the first ever higher education institution in Finland to receive the highest status “advanced” for its quality system.

For more information, please contact:
Tuija Engbom, Principal Lecturer
+358 40 079 8812, tuija.engbom(at)

LAUREA University of Applied Sciences

Laurea has six campuses in the Helsinki metropolitan area. At Laurea, learning goes hand-in-hand with business services. The actual needs of working life – such as practical projects and development tasks – are a central element in studying at Laurea. Laurea offers broad-based supplementary training to meet companies’ individual needs.

Hyvinkää is a campus of innovative environments. Laurea’s simulation hospital utilises the newest wireless simulator technology for teaching patient care and in the multidisciplinary research and development projects of the treatment processes.

Laurea’s P2P (Peer to Peer) learning environment is a modern and international learning environment for business studies in which students, instructors, and experts from various professions work together in corporate development projects. Learning takes place through practical work.

Laurea’s modelling and simulation laboratory is used for studying and developing the processes and service chains of private and public services, customer orientation, and cost-effectiveness.

For more information, please contact:
Irene Väkevä-Harjula, Development Manager
+358 41 668 2779, irene.vakeva-harjula(at)

HYRIA Education

Hyria provides vocational education and training to both corporate and community customers. Our range of services includes vocational qualifications of different levels in a multitude of educational sectors. We also organise many compact training sessions.

Every year thousands of students and numerous work communities benefit from our comprehensive training by developing their expertise and knowhow. We collaborate closely with the local business community to ensure that our training is not only diversified but also highly practical.

Check out Hyria Education’s broad-based range of education and training as well as the services we offer the business community.

For more information, please contact:
Elina Oinaanoja, Account Manager
+358 40 760 9765, elina.oinaanoja(at)

Find an employee – TE SERVICES

If you’re looking for an employee, ask the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office). We know the employees and the labour market in our area, and we’ll help you find the right person for the job.

We receive notifications of vacancies and publish them through the agreed channels.

We give advice in all matters relating to filling vacant positions. We seek out the right candidates and introduce them to the employer.

We train employees to exactly match the employer’s needs. We advertise international vacancies through EURES (European Job Mobility Portal).

We offer the opportunity for organising recruitment events in TE Offices.

Contact Uusimaa TE Office:

Jaana Kanerva puh. 0295 040 281

Kirsi Koskinen puh. 0295 040 369

Nina Jeskanen (kansainvälinen työnvälitys ja EURES-palvelut)
puh. 0295 040 115, nina.jeskanen(at)

Phone service: +358 295 040 002 (9.00am–16.15pm)

Contact Häme TE Office:
Phone service: +358 295 000 000 (9.00am–16.15pm)

Expert business services in the economic area


Technology Center TechVilla Ltd helps companies in the technology sector grow, internationalise and succeed. We create new expertise and knowhow that is of immediate benefit to our customers.

Our customers are growth companies and other players in the technology industry, logistics centre operators, and other industry specialists.

For more information, please contact:
Juha Leinonen, CEO
+358 40 176 8712, juha.leinonen(at)

HYRIA business services

Hyria business services offer companies practical tools for managing and developing their operations, and for enhancing productivity.

Our training packages range from short lectures to long-term development projects that sometimes last years.

We train a competent workforce to meet the needs of the business community.

For more information, please contact:
Elina Oinaanoja, Account Manager
+358 40 760 9765, elina.oinaanoja(at)

Riihimäen Tilat ja Kehitys Ltd

Riihimäen Tilat ja Kehitys Ltd offers a one-stop, fully comprehensive service to companies investing in the economic area. We find suitable premises and commercial plots, liaise with local authorities, and also assist in arranging the workforce and finding accommodation for employees – in fact, everything associated with an investment. Our range of services also includes getting new premises built for new companies to rent or purchase.

Riihimäen Tilat ja Kehitys Ltd is a limited company fully owned by the City of Riihimäki.

For more information, please contact:
Mika Herpiö, Business Development Director
+358 40 500 3345, mika.herpio(at)

Free advice for companies

YritysVoimala offers free advice both to people setting up a company and to all companies operating in the Hyvinkää–Riihimäki economic area.

Whether your company needs to develop or to enhance efficiency, or if it is looking for new premises or new partners, get in touch with YritysVoimala.

YritysVoimala provides assistance in developing a company and planning its business operations, and also gives advice on all marketing, governance, personnel, change-of-generation, and financing issues. In addition, YritysVoimala helps companies to network and internationalise and assists them in finding operating premises in the economic area.

For more information, please contact:
Erkki Taskinen, CEO
+358 40 839 4056, erkki.taskinen(at)

A proactive network of companies


The Chamber of Commerce is a leading network of developing companies that possesses a wealth of unique knowhow and opens up new business opportunities for its members. The network enhances companies’ visibility while also allowing them to establish valuable contacts. Our economic area has close to 450 members. Finland has 20,000 corporate members. Worldwide there are 12,000 Chambers of Commerce.

The members of the Chamber of Commerce form a core network. Within our Chamber of Commerce we also have theme-based networks (helpers, sponsors, ladies, etc.) and a network of elected officials comprising a Board of Directors and eight committee members.

We make sure that our members are kept up to date. We arrange quality training and briefings tailored to our members’ wishes, and we disseminate timely information and news. We offer broad-based business advice – on matters ranging from legal issues to aspects associated with growth and internationalisation.

For more information, please contact:
Marja Heinimäki, CEO
+358 40 547 8563, marja.heinimaki(at)